All the Details


Please arrive at the venue at 7:30pm.

Young people are coming from a number of different groups, so we will start by spending some time getting to know each other and being sorted into our 'tribes'. Some outdoor activities to explore the venue and the surroundings followed by an evening session, then marshmallows and stories around the campfire.


Start with a hearty breakfast before embarking on a day absolutely packed with instructor-led activities- such as Raft Building, Sensory Trail and Tomahawk Throwing, with a pause for lunch and refueling! Earn points for your tribe as you complete each task and work together to achieve your best. Points means prizes!

There will be some free time before dinner, and then an evening session followed by wacky games, late-night competitions, a tuck shop and a film.


An early breakfast, before enjoying our final session together, finished with games and activities to collect some final points for our tribes.

Please arrive at  14:00 to collect your child/ren.