Residentials are an amazing opportunity to connect.

Our past residentials include the following events:

  • Time Travellers (Sizewell Hall, Suffolk) 2013

  • Survival Weekend (Kelvedon Nuclear Bunker, Essex) 2014

  • Fortitude (Landguard Fort, Suffolk) 2015

  • Deviate: Pathways (Skreens Park Activity Centre, Essex) 2016

  • Deviate: Outsiders (Skreens Park Activity Centre, Essex) 2017

  • Deviate: Who Are You? (Skreens Park Activity Centre, Essex)) 2018

To connect with each other and make new friends.
To connect with God and explore faith.
To connect with the world around us and learn new skills.

We've learnt so much from our previous events that, due to popular demand, we're ready to do something more regularly, and involve more groups.

We'd love for you to be involved too!

The Core Team

Craig Hutton
The Revd Robert Hinsley